Color_balancing_girlI do love talking portrait photographs; it is so much fun and cool but sometimes I am frustrated by the amount of time I spent behind the computer editing photos rather than behind the camera shooting.  Luckily for me, I found the best Lightroom presets for portraits and design resume that I could use on my photograph.

When I’m started using Lightroom presets for my photograph, I’m surprisingly amazed, how Lightroom preset could really help for me, my friends keep asking me that  “What am I using at the moment? What my favorite Lightroom Presets are for portraits? “I feel very satisfy and relaxed taking a shoot because I know that my Lightroom presets could really help me.

Now, are you interested in saving time? Want to find out how easy is to edit with Lightroom presets? You’ve come to the right place; I am here to help you successfully. Below are the best Lightroom presets that surely will work for you.

#1: Soft Afternoon Lightroom preset. This preset is beautiful for spring, autumn, winter and summer photography. I use this one because I know the results will be great and awesome.  This Lightroom preset will give your photographs with flat light a gentle afternoon glow to give a beautiful dreamy feel.  Also, it will add a gorgeous soft afternoon glow effect to your photography and will soften harsh – light photographs.

#2: Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset. This Lightroom preset is one of the most popular presets; it’s designed to give your photographs a spectacular dreamy and gentle glow.  It works on – Animal portraits, nature, spring and autumn photography. This Lightroom preset will add a soft golden tone to your photographs, can reduce the cool tones in your photograph, and gently increase the brightness and contrast.

#3: Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset. This Lightroom preset is perfect for spring, winter, autumn and summer photography.  This will give your flat colour photographs the punch need, and will create beautiful creamy, warm, airy photographs. Also, give your photographs that finishing touch.

Enjoy saving time while editing using with Lightroom presets.