• Easy to use and experiment photo-editing tools for your B & W photos
  • A collection of stunning presets for the enhancement of your black and white photos
  • Black and white photo editing even for beginners


It’s fun to experiment with your photos, especially when you have the tools to do it. When we talk about experimenting with photos, though, more often than not, you talk colors, shades, and the saturation of such hues on your photo. Seldom do you mention black and white (B&W) pictures as far as experimenting goes.


But with Lightroom, black and white photos can be enhanced or experimented on in the same way with that of colored photos. And Lightroom uses presets in order to enhance such photos. B & W photography made easy with presets, courtesy of Lightroom.


LR13 - CopyThe popularity of black and white photos may have gone over the years, but it has enjoyed its resurgence of late when Lightroom came into the scene. This photo-enhancing app is using black and white photos again, and it has paid dividends since a number of photographers, including social media users, are digging the genre more than when it was first used so many years ago.


B & W photography made easy with presets in Lightroom fashion. It has a collection of the best black and white presets you can use for your photos, complete with all the tools in enhancing the saturation and even the luminosity of these black and white images.


Be a part of the resurgence of this black and white photography. This B & W photography made easy with presets in Lightroom mode can be your resource in churning out black and white masterpieces. Experiment with it so you can come up with photos that bring back the glory years of photography when iconic stars posed for them. Use every tool in Lightroom for your black and white images and be a master of that genre.


Dig the web now and download these Lightroom presets for your B & W. You will never run out of effects despite using only two colors. B & W photography made easy with presets in Lightroom is the only the way for you to become a part of these black and white revolution in photography, while you’re having fun experimenting with it.