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Lightroom Tutorial: Mastering Adobe Lightroom

Posted on 17 August, 2015  in Uncategorized

beachMastering Adobe Lightroom can be very frustrating. It is not that easy to become proficient in using Lightroom presets and other useful editing tools. Moreover, there is no introductory lightroom video tutorial which orients users on how to install and use the program. Buying and downloading the software is not enough, users need to know the basics first before deciding to utilize it. One of the unique philosophies of Adobe System is to release and sell adobe products but leave all training and analysis to users for them to appreciate the efficiency of the product by themselves.


There are only few certified experts of Adobe Lightroom who have helped amateur photographers who want to try out the features and services of Adobe Lightroom. But, there are still other ways to learn how to use the program; online Lightroom tutorial. The opportunity to learn online both online and live teaching is very exciting since users get to meet other people with the same goal.

With Adobe Lightroom being a non-destructive program, users don’t need to worry about destroying the original setting of the image. Moreover, Lightroom has a file protection feature which is built to protect file settings. Again, with the software’s ability to preserve the original image pixels of the file, users don’t need to be alarmed about everything. Their original file will be saved in the safest place in Lightroom.


Generally, Adobe Lightroom is one of the best editing tools in the market. With its ability to organize images, create wonderful presets, and preserve image settings, there is no doubt why people choose to use the program instead of other popular software. There are a lot of Lightroom tutorials scattered online, just pick up the best site that can teach you everything about lightroom and Photoshop, from making customized presets, tagging, keywording, and changing metadata.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens on Mac and PC: