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How To Edit Images Using Lightroom’s Basic Panel

Posted on 21 July, 2015  in Uncategorized

LR3Learning how to use the basic panel in the latest versions of adobe lightroom is a great way to turn raw and dull to a more stunning and lively images.  Some fresh images don’t need a total makeover, it only needs some basic and simple adjustment to really glow and shine. In this article, we will discuss a lot of things related to editing images and how to use lightroom’s basic control panel.


These two major settings are very significant in producing the finest images.


First Setting: Treatment


Starting from the very basics of lightroom called “develop module”, you have to choose two options to treat or modify an image, and it is either changing the color of the image to black and white or adjusting the major colors to make it livelier. If you don’t have the skills and talent to modify images, then lightroom is for you.


Second Setting: White Balance


After learning the basic treatment setting, let’s move on to the next setting in lightroom basic panel; the white balance setting. This specific and major setting in the develop module is mainly responsible for the overall color accuracy of every image. Basically, you only need to adjust the right white balance setting to produce a dynamic image.


The latest versions of lightroom comes with several white balance ready free presets which follow the original white balance setting on mobile devices and on cameras. The upgraded presets are shade, flash, fluorescent, tungsten, daylight and cloudy. The only disadvantage of these presets from the latest version is that it overpowers the original setting of the image.

Adobe lightroom is also a great tool for beginners who want to explore and try out their skills in editing images. For more information about lightroom, watch the video about how to install the latest version of lightroom on mac and other devices.