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How Action Cameras Have Evolved Over the Years

Posted on 2 July, 2016  in Uncategorized

  • Action cameras in the 60s-90s
  • The GoPro era
  • Post GoPro era

The first person point of view video shots came as early as the ‘60s and as you have pretty much thought, these were DIYs. Basically, the idea was to mount a camera on a helmet so as to take a unique point of view and get a more stable shot. In the ‘70s, people might still remember that Steve Mcqueen was probably the first person in Hollywood to ever don a camera mounted in a helmet. Although it was duct-taped into his helmet, it’s still the thought that counts. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, everything started to change as cameras started to become smaller and more compact. More and more first person point of view videos were being made. You could say that this was the dawn of the action video recorder.


Then came the new century. During 2002, the first GoPro was born. It was an analog type camera called Hero 35mm 0001. The need to capture images while surfing was the main driving force to the invention which is now known as GoPro. As the years passed by, the GoPro Hero eventually became digital and has constantly improved to what you see in a GoPro today. With new innovations such us WiFi capabilities, LCD touch screen, 4K resolution and others has made this action video recorder a giant in the world of video capture.

As of today, the action camera market is booming and you can see a lot of brands available. GoPro has a lot of competitors but is still widely recognized as the industry leader. But, Polaroid and Sony have slowly been rising up to the challenge to take that throne away from GoPro. So, if you are one of the proud owners of a GoPro, or any action camera for that matter, you are now well aware of what started it all and how it evolved.