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Different types of black and white photographs

Posted on 7 September, 2015  in General, Lightroom

When you hear about black and white photos, of course the first thing that comes to mind is photos that do not have colors. While this is the traditionally accepted definition of black and white photos, with the advent of technology, there have been developed different types of black and white photographs.


1.Traditional black and white photographs – These are produced by removing all colors from photographs. They are the easiest to make as there is often not that may controls to manipulate and adjustments to make. They are very easy to create in both Lightroom and Photoshop. In Lightroom, you can use some of the Lightroom presets that are found online to create them. In photoshop, you just have to choose black and white under the image menu.


2.Monochrome black and white images – These differ from black and white in that their blacks are much deeper than in traditional black and white images and photographs. They often have very few grays on them with dark blacks being the dominating color on them.

3.Grayscale – These black and white helmet cameras images  use more grays than blacks and are often much lighter than their monochrome counterparts. They also show a lot more detail than monochrome black and white images and are therefore usually the preferred type of black and white followed by the traditional black and white photographs and images.


4.High, medium and low contrast black and white images – These are black and white photographs whose contrasts have been adjusted. The contrast can be adjusted up to create high contrast black and white images or adjusted down to create low contrast black and whites. There images are often created with the aim of creating a “shocking” effect and in that way help the pictures and the details they contain therein to stand out.



Creating Black and white images in Lightroom


There are several ways of creating black and white images in Adobe Lightroom. The first one is obviously through the use of Lightroom Presets. There are literally millions of black and white lightroom presets floating around the internet, you just have to know where to look. Websites such as Lightroom presets and infoparrot showcase a huge collection of black and white presets for your own use.


To learn more about creating black and white images and photographs using Adobe Lightroom, please see the video below.