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Reviewing the Best Drones Online

Posted on 26 December, 2016  in Uncategorized

  • Reading intelligent reviews about drones from Cameradojo
  • Buying the right type of tools after reading a Cameradojo review
  • An online site that showcases the best drones for your images and videos

Not every day that you get to see the best drones available online, and when you do, they will make your jaws drop because these gadgets are so awesome and that your images are so visually stunning.


And that has always been the feeling associated with Since its arrival into the photography scene, there is no stopping their list of cool drones and quadcopters for your photos and videos. And not only that, you can also read some equally cool reviews about these tools. For more of it, just click this link,

Cameradojo, if you have never heard about, has been the go-to site for many professionals when it comes to photography tools and gadgets, as well as equipment for your videos. And they have backed it with these collections of gadgets, and their complete reviews that make you an informed photographer, videographer or buyer for that matter. Everything you need to know about these action cameras, you can get it with Cameradojo. You can check out these reviewed drones through this link,

It is so vital to read reviews about these drones because these are basically new tools in the field of video creation. Unless you’re into some legitimate production like in a film, that you get to see drones as part of its equipment. Otherwise, seldom can you find a drone used as part of your hobby. Find out more about these action cams through this link,

So get that appropriate, or better still, desired drone right now after reading these reviews from Cameradojo. You have nothing to lose at all, you will, in fact, gain everything as soon as you start listing these great action cams through these reviews. For all you know, your drone is the difference-maker as far as your image and video creation is concerned. Just visit Cameradojo today through this link,


Product Reviews from Expert Photographers

Posted on 12 September, 2016  in Uncategorized

  • To read reviews from photographers before editing your photos
  • Knowing how to determine a good photography review
  • Handling the elements of photography quite well after learning from a review

Every photographer who writes reviews each have their own way of dealing with it. Some reviewers are more concerned with giving warnings to others just how bad these products are, while there are some who would prefer to highlight the good side of an object so that others would purchase it.


But how do photographers review a product? Three things: knowing the type of equipment, knowing how to handle the elements, and knowing how to sustain or maintain the process.

  • That Type of Equipment – Let’s start with knowing what type of equipment to use. So if your concern is knowing how do photographers review a product? Then you better start considering the type of tools used. First, they will tell you how effective this tool can be, or vice versa. After which, they will explain further what makes this gadget awesome, either in its function or immediate value.
  • Handling the Elements – The question of “how do photographers review a product?” can be answered with how well they handle certain elements in photography like color, texture and light. Unless a reviewer tackles these elements, then you are not getting something out of it. Knowing how to handle elements most of the time spells the difference between mediocre images and quality photos.
  • A Work in Progress – And, of course, a review is not considered good if it does not offer any alternatives. So how do photographers review a product? By giving options as well after dissecting that particular tool. This recommending aspect in a review is always the element why a review is considered helpful.

So there you have it, we hope it answers your question of “how do photographers review a product?” Most of the time they give their assessment and after which offer recommendations before they close out on their reviews.


How Action Cameras Have Evolved Over the Years

Posted on 2 July, 2016  in Uncategorized

  • Action cameras in the 60s-90s
  • The GoPro era
  • Post GoPro era

The first person point of view video shots came as early as the ‘60s and as you have pretty much thought, these were DIYs. Basically, the idea was to mount a camera on a helmet so as to take a unique point of view and get a more stable shot. In the ‘70s, people might still remember that Steve Mcqueen was probably the first person in Hollywood to ever don a camera mounted in a helmet. Although it was duct-taped into his helmet, it’s still the thought that counts. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, everything started to change as cameras started to become smaller and more compact. More and more first person point of view videos were being made. You could say that this was the dawn of the action video recorder.


Then came the new century. During 2002, the first GoPro was born. It was an analog type camera called Hero 35mm 0001. The need to capture images while surfing was the main driving force to the invention which is now known as GoPro. As the years passed by, the GoPro Hero eventually became digital and has constantly improved to what you see in a GoPro today. With new innovations such us WiFi capabilities, LCD touch screen, 4K resolution and others has made this action video recorder a giant in the world of video capture.

As of today, the action camera market is booming and you can see a lot of brands available. GoPro has a lot of competitors but is still widely recognized as the industry leader. But, Polaroid and Sony have slowly been rising up to the challenge to take that throne away from GoPro. So, if you are one of the proud owners of a GoPro, or any action camera for that matter, you are now well aware of what started it all and how it evolved.


Photoshop Actions Online for Free

Posted on 4 December, 2015  in Uncategorized

LR1Your photos online are in need of enhancement. You can’t just post your photos immediately after taking that shot and expect people to like it. That is already outdated. You can now enhance your photo posting with this list of free Photoshop actions online.

Yes, stop wasting your time and get the most out of your cool photos. This list is Adobe’s way of enhancing your images in a professional way because it has a language built in that enables you to record tasks as “actions” while you can replay the process automatically.

Aside from this list of free Photoshop actions, it also has a list of free Photoshop brushes also for specific enhancements on your photos.

From “Vintage Light Leaks” to “3D Maps” to “Retrofilters”, this collection of Photoshop actions will bring out the best of your ordinary photos. For every feature, for every texture, and even for every mood, it has all the tools to create such effects.

You can download these Photoshop actions readily online. So convenient that you can make the necessary adjustments as soon as you have it on your PC or Mac.

You don’t have to seek the services of a professional photographer anymore for your party or wedding photos, these Photoshop actions will take care of it. It will even enhance your photo more than you can imagine.


Lightroom and Its Wonderful Features

Posted on 9 October, 2015  in Uncategorized

I have to admit that Adobe Lightroom has become the most amazing and brilliant tool for us, amateur photographers and hobbyist. I can really feel the big difference between Photoshop and Lightroom since I was able to use Photoshop years before Lightroom was introduced.


LR 25However, I also want to make it clear that Lightroom is a replacement of Photoshop, because it’s not. Photoshop is one of the best photo editing application ever made, but in today’s great demand for photography, we can’t work on manual editing. We need something like Lightroom that can help us finish the editing process in time. Photoshop still contains a lot of features that were not offered by Lightroom. Moreover, you can use both programs if you subscribe to their creative cloud subscription plan. If you haven’t installed the program yet, read more tutorials and guide on how to install presets by sleeklens.


Lightroom provides a lot of features, it includes: creating and using presets to one or more images at once, great copy and paste settings, fast importing and exporting images, organize and manage images in one collection, smart previews, loop and grid views, ability to create slideshows, Lightroom mobile and web versions and more. Moreover, Adobe Lightroom is a non-destructive image editing tool. It preserves the original file setting of the image. So for example, you made changes in an image, yet you cannot undo it, you can always view the original settings in the catalog of Lightroom.

Another great feature of Lightroom is its ability to create Lightroom presets. Presets can be compared to filtered images, however, presets can be applied to one or more images at once. Presets can be downloaded for free or paid if you don’t have an idea on how to create one. But, if you have enough skills to make a collection of presets, you can earn from it by sharing it to the world online. Presets are basically one of the reasons why photographers can save more time in editing their images.




Adobe Review: Lightroom 5 HDR Merge

Posted on 29 September, 2015  in Uncategorized

Last year, Adobe released its fifth version of Lightroom that contains a lot of useful and new editing tools and features. It includes pet eye tool, slideshow, auto preview, face recognition, web and mobile versions, improved graduated, spot, healing and radial tools, and HDR merge tool. These sets of new features are said to provide greater assistance to photographers who want to have a more advanced images. In this article, we will have a thorough review of the most exciting new feature of Lightroom: HDR Merge in Lightroom.


LR2But before we discuss and review the features of Lightroom, let’s try to define HDR and how does it work in Lightroom. Basically, HDR simply means high-dynamic range which contains a wide variety of exposure setting. Both digital and DSLR cameras have its own HDR support features to control the exposure level. But the main question here is, how does HDR images affect the quality of the image? Normally, raw images from the camera are good, but it doesn’t have what it takes to be considered as perfect or outstanding.


HDR photographs can also be taken even without the help of the advanced cameras available in the market. It can also be captured using smartphone cameras, old model cameras and etc. You can convert these images into an HDR quality with the use of Adobe Lightroom. However, in Lightroom 5, the company makes it more interesting since even panorama images can be merged with HDR images with the help of HDR merge tool. Although there are a lot of Lightroom 5 Tutorials available in the program, HDR merge is one of favorite tools used by photographers.

Overall, HDR merge in Lightroom 5 is one of the best feature added to the program. Aside from the fact that it will provide great satisfaction to its users, it can also help them merge images easily thus helping them save time and effort.


Adobe Lightroom User Review

Posted on 1 September, 2015  in Uncategorized

Quick Overview About Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom is a well-known reliable photo editing tool and image organizer developed and created by Adobe Systems for both OS X and Windows operating system. The program contains a lot of exciting features that allow users to view, modify, manage and organize their collection of images. However, the program is not a file manager like what most people think. It doesn’t have the capability to operate on imported files. Lightroom only accepts files that are recognizable.


lensMastering Adobe Lightroom is not that simple. It requires good creative skills and knowledge to understand the whole program. In addition, users need to read more tutorials as the package of Lightroom doesn’t contain any video or training tutorials. Adobe Lightroom is also known to be a professional application as it is really intended to help pro photographers.


Adobe Lightroom is a very strong, powerful yet user-friendly image editing tool. It is also known to be a non-destructive program which preserves the original setting of raw images from the camera. So users need not to worry about destroying or damaging their files during the process. The good thing about this program is that it was built to modernize every photographer’s image workflow. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom doesn’t require manual editing since it contains presets or filtered images that can be applied to hundreds of images in just a few clicks.

I have been using the program for quite some time now and I can say that It did help me a lot with my editing task. I am also very satisfied and contented with the features and services it offers. That’s why during my free time, I try to reach out to people, especially amateur photographers who want to understand and use Adobe Lightroom. As what I’ve seen from amateur photographers, they really have a hard time understanding the program as they still don’t have enough knowledge on how to create presets, organize images and navigate the panel.


Adobe Lightroom is the better version of Adobe Photoshop. However, there are some things that Lightroom is incapable of making such as removing, adding and modifying image items on 3D and etc. Learning and understanding the program can be hard but worth it. Get more information and Lightroom tutorials on the sleeklens Lightroom presets website.



Lightroom Tutorial: Mastering Adobe Lightroom

Posted on 17 August, 2015  in Uncategorized

beachMastering Adobe Lightroom can be very frustrating. It is not that easy to become proficient in using Lightroom presets and other useful editing tools. Moreover, there is no introductory lightroom video tutorial which orients users on how to install and use the program. Buying and downloading the software is not enough, users need to know the basics first before deciding to utilize it. One of the unique philosophies of Adobe System is to release and sell adobe products but leave all training and analysis to users for them to appreciate the efficiency of the product by themselves.


There are only few certified experts of Adobe Lightroom who have helped amateur photographers who want to try out the features and services of Adobe Lightroom. But, there are still other ways to learn how to use the program; online Lightroom tutorial. The opportunity to learn online both online and live teaching is very exciting since users get to meet other people with the same goal.

With Adobe Lightroom being a non-destructive program, users don’t need to worry about destroying the original setting of the image. Moreover, Lightroom has a file protection feature which is built to protect file settings. Again, with the software’s ability to preserve the original image pixels of the file, users don’t need to be alarmed about everything. Their original file will be saved in the safest place in Lightroom.


Generally, Adobe Lightroom is one of the best editing tools in the market. With its ability to organize images, create wonderful presets, and preserve image settings, there is no doubt why people choose to use the program instead of other popular software. There are a lot of Lightroom tutorials scattered online, just pick up the best site that can teach you everything about lightroom and Photoshop, from making customized presets, tagging, keywording, and changing metadata.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens on Mac and PC:


Beginner’s Guide: Lightroom Review

Posted on 7 August, 2015  in Uncategorized

Ph2Adobe Lightroom is the best photo editing tool for most professional photographers since it helps them in several ways, such as in organizing, processing, sharing, printing and healing images. If you are a hobbyist or serious and professional photographer, Lightroom can help you save more time in editing hundreds of images.

The photo editing program promotes a healthy way of modifying images since users can rest while editing images. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom doesn’t require manual editing unless it the image needs minor tweaking. The program contains default Free Lightroom presets or most commonly known as filtered images that contain specific color styles that can be applied to images.

There are a lot of photo editing programs and software available in the market; however, most of it requires more time and effort in editing since users need to edit images manually. Most photographers choose Lightroom because they know they can enjoy their profession while in the process of editing their images. In addition, in terms of pricing and efficiency, Lightroom has the most reasonable one-time package price. The program is basically intended for people who put more dedication in beautifying images. Knowing that Lightroom is a non-destructive tool, you don’t need to worry about destroying the original setting of your image, Lightroom will preserve it just for you.

Personal Review of Lightroom

I have been long using 3 programs of Adobe; Photoshop CS5, Photoshop Elements 10 and Lightroom. But among these 3, I appreciate more the features and services of Lightroom. I feel that every time I use it, I feel relaxed and motivated in creating wonderful images. I highly recommend that you use lightroom, I’m sure that your creativity skills will continue to improve and develop.  Moreover, you can share your ideas and styles with other people.

To get more free Lightroom presets, you can either check Pinterest or Behance. Both platforms contains several high-quality and useful presets for Lightroom.


The Best Lightroom Presets

Posted on 6 August, 2015  in Uncategorized

Color_balancing_girlI do love talking portrait photographs; it is so much fun and cool but sometimes I am frustrated by the amount of time I spent behind the computer editing photos rather than behind the camera shooting.  Luckily for me, I found the best Lightroom presets for portraits and design resume that I could use on my photograph.

When I’m started using Lightroom presets for my photograph, I’m surprisingly amazed, how Lightroom preset could really help for me, my friends keep asking me that  “What am I using at the moment? What my favorite Lightroom Presets are for portraits? “I feel very satisfy and relaxed taking a shoot because I know that my Lightroom presets could really help me.

Now, are you interested in saving time? Want to find out how easy is to edit with Lightroom presets? You’ve come to the right place; I am here to help you successfully. Below are the best Lightroom presets that surely will work for you.

#1: Soft Afternoon Lightroom preset. This preset is beautiful for spring, autumn, winter and summer photography. I use this one because I know the results will be great and awesome.  This Lightroom preset will give your photographs with flat light a gentle afternoon glow to give a beautiful dreamy feel.  Also, it will add a gorgeous soft afternoon glow effect to your photography and will soften harsh – light photographs.

#2: Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset. This Lightroom preset is one of the most popular presets; it’s designed to give your photographs a spectacular dreamy and gentle glow.  It works on – Animal portraits, nature, spring and autumn photography. This Lightroom preset will add a soft golden tone to your photographs, can reduce the cool tones in your photograph, and gently increase the brightness and contrast.

#3: Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset. This Lightroom preset is perfect for spring, winter, autumn and summer photography.  This will give your flat colour photographs the punch need, and will create beautiful creamy, warm, airy photographs. Also, give your photographs that finishing touch.

Enjoy saving time while editing using with Lightroom presets.



How To Edit Images Using Lightroom’s Basic Panel

Posted on 21 July, 2015  in Uncategorized

LR3Learning how to use the basic panel in the latest versions of adobe lightroom is a great way to turn raw and dull to a more stunning and lively images.  Some fresh images don’t need a total makeover, it only needs some basic and simple adjustment to really glow and shine. In this article, we will discuss a lot of things related to editing images and how to use lightroom’s basic control panel.


These two major settings are very significant in producing the finest images.


First Setting: Treatment


Starting from the very basics of lightroom called “develop module”, you have to choose two options to treat or modify an image, and it is either changing the color of the image to black and white or adjusting the major colors to make it livelier. If you don’t have the skills and talent to modify images, then lightroom is for you.


Second Setting: White Balance


After learning the basic treatment setting, let’s move on to the next setting in lightroom basic panel; the white balance setting. This specific and major setting in the develop module is mainly responsible for the overall color accuracy of every image. Basically, you only need to adjust the right white balance setting to produce a dynamic image.


The latest versions of lightroom comes with several white balance ready free presets which follow the original white balance setting on mobile devices and on cameras. The upgraded presets are shade, flash, fluorescent, tungsten, daylight and cloudy. The only disadvantage of these presets from the latest version is that it overpowers the original setting of the image.

Adobe lightroom is also a great tool for beginners who want to explore and try out their skills in editing images. For more information about lightroom, watch the video about how to install the latest version of lightroom on mac and other devices.