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Broadcast Video Expo 2010

Posted on 18 June, 2015  in General

So that was Broadcast Video Expo 2010. I didn’t attend last year, so found it useful to gauge where the industry is at. Predominantly there were two camps – 3D and Video DSLR – the latter obviously something that excites me.

I talked to quite a few guys at the show, some exhibitors and some visitors and the mood felt very upbeat. The newbies to DSLR filmmaking were full of intrepedation, liking what they were seeing and wanting to know more. I was in a queue for the show this morning with the 7D around my neck and instantly it became a conversation started. “Been shooting for long with that?” one attendee asked. Another asked me about what it was like to edit. He was an Avid editor, who was moving more and more over to Final Cut Pro and loved the possibilities available to him to do the occasional shooting with DSLR cameras.

I was also fortunate to bump into some old colleagues, and their sole reason for attending the expo was to find out more information regarding shooting on dslr cameras.

Let’s not forget, there was a big showing of RED cameras, with various companies showing accessories and workflows and the like, but to me, the excitement was focussed very much on the Video DSLRs at the show.

I attended the cinematography on dslr workshop hosted by Den Lennie and Drew Gardener, which served as a great overview of the field. Drew shared his experience from shooting still to moving images and is currently producing a DVD to share with others his experiences and techniques.

I’m cutting some videos I shot with the 7D at the show, including a piece with Den talking about F-Stop Academy and the buzz surrounding DSLRs. I also got the opportunity to ask some of the exhibitors about their products and what we can expect from them in the future. I’ll be putting those videos on the website as soon as humanly possible. Canon and a few others were very interested in letting us know about future product launches and filming other demos, so there should be a steady stream of video content coming up in the future.

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